Category: Dining Rooms

Mid-century apartment with the modern vision.

The apartment is located in the historical district of Kharkiv, with panoramic view and neighborhood with the old historical buildings of the 18-19th centuries, mostly built of red brick. This connection laid the first link of the future apartment and...

/ September 26, 2017

Scandinavian dining room

Scandinavian style can not help but like. He disposes to himself, radiating extraordinary lightness, naturalness and simplicity. Residents of the cold Scandinavian countries are not peculiar to the pursuit of luxury, with the arrangement of their homes they prefer a...

/ September 8, 2017

Spacious apartment in Malaya Okhta for young residents.(Russia/Saint-Petersburg)

A spacious designer apartment filled with unusual ideas. A pixel cabinet, endless mirrors and a large bright living room space in contrast to the brutal ” knightly columns ”. From the terrace there is a beautiful view of the park...

/ August 27, 2017


This is a practical exercise developed for the specialization on interior design at the Buenos Aires University, it develops the sense of texture whit the combination of wallpapers, furniture, and fabrics. the bathroom, living room and master bedroom are intervened...

/ August 23, 2017


Architect: PAINTIT workshop (Juliy Cherevko) Project Year: 2016 Location: Kiev, Ukraine Visualization: Juliy Cherevko USPESHNAYA, 46 (Kyiv) – The project is designed for a young family who loves not only coziness in the interior, but is also ready to accept...

/ August 3, 2017

Una casa nella foresta // F. house

F. House represents a meeting point between man and nature. The concept of the project is to create a residential home to be integrated with the natural surrounding, uncompromising the environment. Wood, stone and concrete are the elements that caracterize...

/ July 31, 2017

Cozy one room flat

You would be pleasantly surprised, but this one room flat has a total area of 41 square meters. This cozy studio has everything – beautiful modern design, functionality and welcoming atmosphere. At the same time everyone will be able to...

/ July 29, 2017

Lawson Residence

The lawson residence is a small housing development in Melbourne, Australia. The Client needed renderings of the interior that looked simple and cozy. For this interior we focused on light colour schemes with some darker wood accents to provide contrast.

/ July 13, 2017

Scandinavian Mood

This project was design by us as one of four styles for the residential complex “New England”, Kiev, Ukraine. Together with beautiful facades our interiors create a special place, which is slightly away from the bustle of the modern world...

/ July 12, 2017

Contemporary Wooden House

Design project of a contemporary residential house with two storeys in Belarus. The house was designed for a couple and their young daughter. They wanted to have a light and cozy home. This is a story how we were working...

/ July 8, 2017

Contemporary home

Interior design project for a small house in Mexico, customers wanted a contemporary ambience but retaining a simple design line that would help to perceive a spacious and comfortable area. This proposal was made based on the tastes of the...

/ June 19, 2017

A Belgian kitchen

Part of a complete house renovation, this kitchen was completely designed by the clients themselves. To understand and interpret their idea(s), they asked me to create visualizations of what they envisioned. Although the creative part was more or less out...

/ June 14, 2017