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Perú 87

Perú 87 is a building with 36 apartments, between 35 and 38 sq m each, with an active ground floor integrated by three commercial spaces and a privileged position located on the corner of Leandro Valle street, which has been...

/ September 13, 2019


It is a four-level building that has been intervened with the purpose of reactivating its ground floor, rehabilitating exhaustively its interiors, rescuing its façade and integrating —with its use and the floating population that it will attract— new dynamics to...

/ September 13, 2019

Casa VA

The proposal seize and multiplies the distribution of the existing building, frees walls to generate spatial fluidity and unify the premises programme. “The encounter” is the key characteristic of this single-family home project for a couple with two daughters. To...

/ September 9, 2019


Project: DIEU_HOUSE Owner : Truong Thi Dieu Located: Da Nang, VietNam, Area: 100 m2 Project Year: 2019 DIEU_HOUSE, This project is located in Da Nang, a central coastal city of Viet Nam. The climate in this area is rather extreme...

/ August 1, 2019

Mision Mariana House

This is a small house in Querétaro, the client asked us to redesign the first plan of the house with some nice warm feeling, but keeping in mind she is young and love modern styles. She was short on budget,...

/ July 25, 2019


M3_02 is a project of single family apartment. The main aim was to create an interior divided into two spaces: living zone including day room, kitchen and dinning room – open for everyone, and private space – bedroom with open...

/ March 18, 2019

Attic arrangement in the loft style

inspiration for the creation of this project were lofts. The Idea of loft style was possible cause, general arrangement of attic is perfect for this kind of design. Wood and concrete were main materials, on which I based the concept

/ December 17, 2018

3D Visualization and Decoration

I recently finished this 3D visualization project for a condo located in Australia. My client requested 4 renders and a brochure to sell their new house as well as a decoration proposal. My client suggested using a high end but...

/ June 26, 2018


Appartment located in Alexandria, Egypt ” Zizenya ” Street, made with contemporary style and luxury intimation. An interior design reflects the lifestyle and passions of clients. From the point of view based on enough experience in this field , noticing...

/ June 23, 2018

Private apartment V

Private apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The total area is 89.14 m2. The main task was to create the most convenient and functional space. We managed to visually increase the space of the apartment by combining several functional zones. Using only...

/ May 3, 2018

Modern interior design of townhouse in Krasnodar, Russia

Modern interior for adventurous people who like non-standard combinations and bright colors. The townhouse has an area of 100 square meters, and is divided into two floors. On the first floor there are an entrance hall, guest bathroom, and a...

/ March 1, 2018

Living Place / House, Interior / Exterior Night Render

Interior and exterior nocturnal images of a house / living place. The design was thought in a modern house with large windows and spaces of free circulation. Two-story house with a large living room and a kitchen overlooking the garden....

/ February 13, 2018